PLSC Student Advising

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PLSC Academic Advisor

Meagan Groom, M. Ed., 805-756-7574,
Building 74M-A 

CAFES Advising: Drop-in Hours:

  • Please visit the CAFES Advising website for updated Drop-In Hours
  • Peer Advisors are available for immediate help with quick questions on the registration process, PolyPlanner, campus involvement and more.
  • To meet with your Academic Advisor, please e-mail with your name, major, EMPL ID, and a couple available days and times.

Advising Resources

Procedure to Declare a Concentration (Adobe Sign)

Curriculum Planning Worksheet (PDF) - (For Download Only)

For Advising questions, click here.

Curriculum Sheets:

Change of Major:

  • Changing into the PLSC major: Change of Major Requirements (PDF) - (For Download Only)
  • Changing out of PLSC major: Students desiring to change out of the PLSC Major must first meet with an Advisor or Department Head of their desired major. Once they have met with the prospective department, students must meet with the Academic Advisor to discuss a plan for switching majors.

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