Faculty Office Hours, Spring, 2021

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All office hours for Spring Quarter are being held virtually with most faculty using ZOOM. ZOOM is available to all Cal Poly students. If you need more assistance on installing or using ZOOM check out the Cal Poly IT Website (https://tech.calpoly.edu/services/web-conferencing-zoom).
If you need to speak to a specific faculty member, please reach out to them via e-mail.


Professor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
J. Wyatt Brown, Ph.D., emeritus
Bldg. 11, Rm. 232



Office Hrs: 1:30-2:30 pm




Office Hr: 10-11 am



Gerald Holmes, 


Bldg. 11, Rm 114


Office Hrs: 3-3:30 pm, 




Shunping Ding, Ph.D.
Bldg. 11, Rm. 233

Office Hrs: 10-12 pm






Office Hrs: 10-12 pm 





Patrick Frazier   Office Hr: 11 am-12 noon      
Lauren C. Garner, Ph.D.
Bldg. 11, Rm. 237
Office Hrs: 2:10-4 pm       Office Hrs: 3:10-5 pm
David H. Headrick, Ph.D.
Bldg. 11, Rm. 235
Office Hr: 10 am-12 pm   Office Hr: 10 am-12 pm    
Shashika Hewavitharana, Ph.D.
Bldg. 11, Rm. 106
Office Hrs: 1-2 pm     Office Hrs: 1-2 pm  
Benjamin K. Hoover, Ph.D.
Bldg. 11, Rm. 251
  Office Hrs: 12:30-2 pm Office Hr: 10: am- 11 am  Office Hrs: 9:30 -11 am  
Melinda Lynch
Bldg. 11, Rm. 226
    Office Hr: 9-11 am by appointment     
Peter Meertens Office Hr: 12-1 pm   Office Hr: 12-1 pm    
Maria Murrietta   Office Hrs: 10-11 am      
Jeremy Rose   Office Hr: 11 am-12 noon      
Dennis Smith     Office Hrs: 2-5 pm    
Susan Snyder
Bldg 11, Rm. 226
Office Hr: 8-9 am Office Hrs: 2-3 pm     Office Hr: 12-1 pm
Scott Steinmaus, Ph.D., HCS Dept. Head
Bldg. 11, Rm. 230
By appointment By appointment By appointment By appointment By appointment
Kholoud Sultan         Office Hrs: 3-4 pm
Ashraf Tubeileh, Ph.D.
Bldg. 11, Rm. 238
Office Hr: 11-12 pm Office Hrs: 9-11 am  Office Hrs: 12 -2 am    
Jeffrey C. Wong, Ph.D.
Bldg. 11, Rm. 222
Office Hr: 5-6 pm Office Hrs: 9-11 am Office Hr: 5-6 pm    

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