Professor Tubeileh Helped Develop New Training Material for Beginning Farmers

There’s some good news for people who have developed an interest in gardening, especially those with an enthusiasm for specialty crops. Beginning farmers – and anyone else with an interest and internet access – can download “Basics of Organic Farming,” a free online training program chock full of useful information to farmers across the country.

Much of the credit goes to Horticulture and Crop Science Department Professor Ashraf Tubeileh for all his work in developing the new material, created for the Organic Farming Research Foundation.  

While it was developed with the California specialty crop farmer in mind, the content is based on foundational principles that are relevant to all organic farmers and should be useful to growers across the U.S. The training program is self-guided and allows users to move through the content at their own pace.

For more information and to sign up for the course, go to:


Read more stories in the 2020 Newsletter.

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