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Cal Poly Farm 2021 Newsletter

Feb 18, 2021

All About the Poly Plant Shop

So you’ve heard about the Poly Plant Shop. It is a common conversation piece amongst students, parents, alumni, and community members. If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit, you may have some questions. How do we get there? When should we go? What does it have to offer?

Located at the top of Via Carta Road, the Poly Plant Shop is the hopping place to be on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11AM to 3PM. The Poly Plant Shop offers an array of foliage plants, succulents, potted vegetable starts and floral arrangements. Whether you are a gardener with the greenest thumb or a student attempting to grow a succulent in a dull dorm room, the Poly Plant Shop has something for everyone!

Part of what makes the Poly Plant Shop so special is its dedication to Cal Poly’s motto, “Learn By Doing.” With the supervision of faculty and staff, student employees get an immense amount of hands-on experience creating floral and succulent arrangements, tending to greenhouses, potting vegetable starts, growing foliage plants, and mastering propagation techniques. Along with hands-on experience, faculty in the horticulture unit also teach students the importance of taking pride in their work to create quality products. Just last weekend students hand-crafted dozens of bouquets for Valentine’s Day. The Poly Plant Shop ensures that each arrangement is designed with character and care.

Currently, the Poly Plant Shop is promoting a limited supply of student grown and designed succulent collections in local, hand-thrown, artisan-glazed pottery. Varieties of mini cacti placed on a bed of pebbles makes for an arrangement with a beautiful Zen vibe. To get yours while supplies last, follow the link to purchase online or visit the Poly Plant Shop in-person. In-person shopping appointments are encouraged. In addition, please schedule a pickup reservation for online orders.


Tomato Mania is Underway!

Don’t go just yet! For those inquiring, the Poly Plant Shop is pleased to announce that amidst the pandemic, Tomato Mania is still underway. This year Tomato Mania will be a little less manic with sales broken into three different purchase periods. So don’t fret, you will have the opportunity to purchase your tomato plants online between mid-April and mid-May. Further dates to be announced, the Poly Plant Shop looks forward to seeing you!


Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11AM-3PM
(subject to change based on weather conditions)

Shop Online


Cal Poly U-Pick Citrus

Come out and join us on the Cal Poly Farm for U-Pick mandarins, clementines, oranges and limes! Pick fruit as you please for only $1.50. Cash or check. Bring your family & friends, a mask and clipping equipment (if you have it). Please be sure to leave your furry friends at home and be courteous of others by staying 6 feet apart. Thank you for your cooperation and support!



Enter campus at Santa Rosa and Highland Road. Head straight on Highland Road until Mount Bishop and take a left. Make another immediate left on the driveway located next to the Crops Unit. Follow the driveway until it becomes a dirt parking lot. Keep driving straight through this parking lot (running parallel to Highland Road) until you see the entrance to the Bramson Trail. Follow the path to the entrance, the first field on your right (orange cones at the entrance to the field). Enter the field and stay on the gravel road. You will dead end at the u-pick orchard. Follow the U-Pick signs posted throughout route.


Tuesday 2/16 9AM-11PM & 12:30PM-3PM
Wednesday 2/17 1PM-3PM
Saturday 2/27 9AM-12PM

Reach us at

Keep in touch with us!

Poly Plant Shop

(805) 756-1106
Poly Plant Shop Instagram
Poly Plant Shop Floral Instagram

Cal Poly Farm

(805) 756-6778
Cal Poly Farm Instagram
Cal Poly Organic Farm Instagram


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Apr 5, 2020

Cal Poly's Annual Open House, April 17-19, 2020

To ensure you are able to learn more and ask questions about Cal Poly from the comfort of home, we've made Open House virtual — and you're invited!

We're kicking it all off Friday evening, April 17, with a welcome reception featuring President Armstrong and special guest speakers, followed by a line-up of sessions you can pick and choose from to customize your virtual Open House experience.

Please keep in mind that you'll need your Cal Poly username to access and register for each event you choose to attend — and be sure to explore Cal Poly virtually to view tours, attend information sessions and find other ways to connect with current Cal Poly students.

Our Big Events include:

  • University Welcome, Friday, April 17th at 4pm, where the week kicks off with a special university welcome for accepted students from our campus leadership, including President Armstrong. You will also hear from current students and alumni about their time at Cal Poly and how important Learn by Doing has been for them in their education and careers.
  • College Welcomes, Saturday, April 18th, where you can learn more about your specific college and the resources they offer. While Learn by Doing is part of all six of our academic colleges, each on has their own set of programs, degrees and opportunities.
  • Welcome to Life on Campus, Sunday, April 19th, join Keith Humphrey, our Vice-President for Student Affairs, and other special guests to learn about student life on campus and the many resources we offer including housing, dining and more.

Whether you're a new or current student, family member, community member, or a returning alumnus, we're excited to see you virtually at this year's Open House!

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2021 Tomato Spectacular!

Apr 5, 2020

The 2021 Tomato Spectacular sale will be happening online this year! Online ordering begins April, 2021 at the Poly Plant Shop website. Please direct any questions about the sale and logistics to that site.

Cal Poly Tomato Spectacular

Our first week of inventory sold out within an hour!  Although over a 1000 plants were available sale on Saturday morning, many customers were unable to purchase their tomato selections.  Remember that tomato inventory will be re-loaded into the website each Saturday morning at 9am for sale.  If you were unable to purchase your tomato selections this week, please visit us again on Saturday mornings to secure your tomato purchases.

Some IMPORTANT reminders:  

  • Once you've completed your tomato purchase, you MUST make a reservation to pick up your order.  No walk-ins will be allowed; no in-store shopping is available.   Reservation appointments are available Mondays through Saturdays 10am to 5pm.
  • If your tomato selection will only allow you to "Wish List", that means that it is currently SOLD OUT and is not available for purchase.
  • Need compost?  Purchase your compost order with your tomatoes.  Your compost will be available with your tomato order for pick up
  • Boxes will not be provided for your tomato purchase.  
  • Please do NOT call the Poly Plant Shop with tomato questions.  Use the "contact us" function on the website.


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Cal Poly's Organic Farm is Ranked 6th in the Nation!

Aug 5, 2019

A ranking by Online College Plan placed Cal Poly's Organic Farm as 6th of 60 college farms surveyed. To read how the rankings were determined, and to view the rankings, please visit Online College Plan.


Cal Poly Floral Design Team Ranks Third in the Nation!

Aug 4, 2019

The Cal Poly Floral Design Team ranked third in the nation at the American Institute of Floral Designer’s (AIFD) 2018 Student Floral Design Competition held in Washington, D.C. Alyssa Snow, a junior majoring in agricultural science, placed first in the wedding bouquet category and fourth place in the fashion flower category. She placed third overall in the competition. Allana Childs, who graduated in June with a degree in agricultural and environmental sciences, took third in the interpretive design category and eighth place for her wedding bouquet. Snow was also awarded a scholarship during the awards ceremony for her school fees for the 2018-19 school year from the AIFD Foundation Scholarship Committee. Cal Poly competed against teams from nine other colleges, including the University of Missouri Columbia, Texas A & M, Mississippi State and Ohio State. The team was led by Lecturer Melinda Lynch.


Want a Job? Major in Agriculture!

Aug 2, 2019

A new 2015 report published by the USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture and Purdue University, highlights the need for graduates in agriculture and the shortage of students majoring in fields related to plant science. To quote from the report, "Plant science graduates at all degree levels will find excellent career opportunities. They will find many opportunities for plant geneticists, plant pathologists, and insect biologists to develop higher-yielding crops adapted to less-than-optimal growing conditions. Demand also will be strong for expertise in production of sustainable products made from wood and other biomaterials." Opportunities will also increase for students majoring in water management, human and animal nutrition, agricultural technology and sustainable agriculture. Read the report "Want a Job? Major in Agriculture." Also, explore career opportunities at Seed Our Future, a joint effort of universities and the agricultural industry to support interest in and an appreciation for horticulture.

Visit the HCS Department Facebook page for the latest news within the Department!

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