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Environmental Horticultural Science Information and Course Requirements

The Environmental Horticultural Science concentration offers students a comprehensive preparation for positions in the nursery, turf, greenhouse, landscape, and floriculture industries, including public horticulture. Graduates are employed as business owners, growers, managers, researchers, educators, arboreta and botanical garden directors, landscape contractors and designers, landscape management professionals, pest control advisors, and park, sports field and golf course superintendents. The curriculum stresses production and marketing of nursery plants, fresh flowers, and flowering and foliage plants, landscape contracting, design, installation and management, turf installation and management, integrated pest management, and horticultural education, native plant restoration, green roofs and walls, and the public display of plants.

Environmental Horticultural Science Concentration: 2019-20

Required Courses Units
AEPS 123 Landscape Installation and Maintenance 4
AEPS 127 Horticulture and Landscape Design 4
AEPS 233 Plant Materials I 4
AEPS 234 Plant Materials II 4
AEPS 245 Horticultural Production Techniques 3
AEPS 350 Abiotic Plant Problems 4
AEPS 427 Diseases and Pest Control Systems for Ornamental Plants 4
Total: 27
Approved Electives: 16
Total Units in Concentration: 43
Approved Electives: Consultation with advisor is recommended prior to selecting approved electives; bear in mind your selections may impact pursuit of post-baccalaureate studies and/or goals. At least 8 units must be upper-division. 16
AEPS 126 Landscape Construction 3
AEPS 200 Special Problems for Undergraduates 1-4
AEPS 212 Enterprise Project I
or AEPS 312 Enterprise Project II
AEPS 215 Floral Design I 4
AEPS 225 Floral Design II 4
AEPS 301 Principles of Landscape Design 4
AEPS 327 Vertebrate Pest Management 4
AEPS 332 Landscape Contracting 4
AEPS 333 Greenhouse Vegetable Production 2
AEPS 339 Internship in Horticulture and Crop Science 1-4
AEPS 340 Principles of Greenhouse Environment 4
AEPS 341 Cut Flower Production 4
AEPS 342 Potted Plant Production 4
AEPS 343 Turfgrass Management 4
AEPS 381 Native Plants for California Landscapes 4
AEPS 400 Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates 1-4
AEPS 421 Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops 4
AEPS 424 Nursery Crop Production 4
AEPS 425 Arboriculture 4
AEPS 432 Specialized Operations for Golf Courses and Athletic Fields 4
AEPS 434 Landscape Management 4
AEPS 435 Advanced Landscape Design 4
AEPS 437 Park and Public Space Management 4
AEPS 441 Biological Control for Pest Management 4
BRAE 337 Landscape Irrigation 4
BUS 346 Principles of Marketing 4

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