Cal Poly Farm Newsletter March 2021


Cal Poly and Vons Partnership Promotes Student-Made Products 


An abundance of Cal Poly products are grown, cultivated and produced by students under the supervision of faculty and staff. Each jar of jam, pint of ice cream, produce box, block of cheese, and package of meat is a labor of love and a hands-on experience in true Learn by Doing fashion. Cal Poly students receive an outpouring of support for their products from parents, alumni, community members, and businesses. One business that largely supports Cal Poly is Vons.


Vons, part of one of the largest supermarket chains in the U.S., does not fail to recognize the importance of contributing to community efforts. The San Luis Obispo Vons store sells

Cal Poly student-made products such as meats, produce, cheese, eggs, chocolate, condiments and more, delivered weekly from campus. “It is very rewarding to work so closely with the university and watch students grow into professionals when they make deliveries to the store,” Mike Chew, Vons’ produce manager said. The partnership between Vons and Cal Poly is longstanding. “Retailing with Vons has been greatly expanded over the years and is an important learning opportunity for our students,” said Cal Poly Professor Jeff Wong of the Horticulture and Crop Science Department. The partnership between Cal Poly and Vons is a win-win for everyone: students reap the benefits of seeing the fruits of their labor being taken to the next level of professionalism through retail and sales, while customers at Vons avidly show their support when purchasing Cal Poly goods.


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