Sustainable Agriculture Minor

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The HCS Minors: Sustainable Agriculture

Horticulture and Crop Science
Bldg. 11, Room 238
Phone: 805.756.2870

Students approach modern agricultural problems from a holistic perspective, emphasizing agricultural planning integrated with ecological principles. Through experience in sustainable agricultural practices, students learn about a farm/ranch in the context of an agro-ecosystem: a system whose processes and relationships can be manipulated to allow production with fewer adverse environmental impacts and external inputs. Students develop knowledge and skills involving holistic management, crop production, and adaptive decision-making in a hands-on environment. The minor is available to all Cal Poly students

Sustainable Ag Minor Coordinator: Ashraf Tubeileh, Building 11, Rm. 238
Sustainable Agriculture Minor Contract (PDF)

Sustainable Agriculture Minor (2019-2020)

Required Courses
AEPS 203 Organic Enterprise Project 2
AEPS/AG 315 Principles of Organic Crop Production 4
AG 339 Internship in Agriculture 4
AG 360 Holistic Management 4
NR 324 Social Dimensions of Sustainable Food and Fiber Systems 4
Area Studies 1  
Select minimum of one course from three of the following Areas: 11
Agriculture and Society Area  
AG 350 The Global Environment  
AGB 312 Agricultural Policy  
GEOG/ERSC 333 Human Impact on the Earth  
NR 142 Environmental Management  
SOC 309 The World System and Its Problems  
UNIV/POLS 333 World Food Systems  
UNIV/PSC/HNRS 391 Appropriate Technology for the World's People: Development  
Production Agriculture Area  
AEPS 321 Weed Biology and Management  
AEPS 323 Plant Pathology  
AEPS 431 Insect Pest Management  
AEPS 441 Biological Control for Pest Management  
AEPS 445 Cropping Systems  
AGB 212 Agricultural Economics  
ASCI 221 Introduction to Beef Production  
ASCI 223 Systems of Small Ruminant Management  
ASCI 311 Advanced Beef Cattle System Management  
BRAE 340 Irrigation Water Management  
BUS 212 Financial Accounting for Nonbusiness Majors  
SS 221 Soil Health and Plant Nutrition  
Soil Plant Relationships
Agroecology Area  
NR 306 Natural Resource Ecology and Habitat Management  
NR 323 Human Dimensions in Natural Resources Management  
SS 321 Soil Morphology  
SS 440 Forest and Range Soils  
Environmental Design Area  
AEPS 381 Native Plants for California Landscapes  
EDES 406 Sustainable Environments  
LA 202 Design Fundamentals I  
LA 221 California Plants and Plant Communities  
UNIV/PSC/HNRS 392 Appropriate Technology for the World's People: Design  
Total units 29

Minimum 4 units at 300-400 level.

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