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Major Courses: 2019-20

Course Units
AEPS 101 Orientation to Horticulture and Crop Science 2
AEPS 120 Principles of Horticulture and Crop Science 4
AEPS 124 Plant Propagation 4
AEPS 304 Plant Breeding 4
AEPS 313 Agricultural Entomology 4
AEPS 321 Weed Biology and Management 4
AEPS/BOT 323 Plant Pathology 4
AEPS 351 Experimental Techniques and Analysis 4
AEPS 410 Crop Physiology 4
AEPS 461 Senior Project I 2
AEPS 462 Senior Project II 2
BOT 121 General Botany (B2 & B4) 4
SS 120 Introductory Soil Science 4
Concentration Courses 42-43

Support Courses

Course Units
AGB 214 Agribusiness Financial Accounting
or BUS 212 Financial Accounting for Nonbusiness Majors
BRAE 340 Irrigation Water Management (Area F) 4
CHEM 127 Survey of Chemistry (B3&B4) 4
CHEM 128 Survey of Chemistry (B3&B4) 4
CHEM 312 Survey of Organic Chemistry 5
MATH 118 Pre-Calculus Algebra (B1) 4
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish 1
or SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II
or SPAN 103 Elementary Spanish III
or SPAN 111 Elementary Hispanic Language and Culture (USCP)
SS 221 Fertilizers and Plant Nutrition 4
STAT 218 Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences (B1) 4
Summary Units
Major Courses Total Units 45
Support Courses Total Units 37
Concentration Total Units 42-43
Additional General Education and Breadth Courses Total Units 52
Free Electives 3-4

General Education

72 units required, 20 of which are specified in Support. Minimum of 12 units required at the 300 level.

  Course Units
Area A Communication
(12 units)
A1 Expository Writing 4
A2 Oral Communication 4
A3 Reasoning, Argumentation, and Writing 4
Area B Science and Mathematics
(no additional units req'd)
B1 Mathematics/Statistics * 8 units in Support 0
B2 Life Science * 4 units in Support 0
B3 Physical Science * 4 units in Support 0
B4 One lab taken with either a B2 or B3 course 0
Area C Arts and Humanities
(20 units)
C1 Literature 4
C2 Philosophy 4
C3 Fine/Performing Arts 4
C4 Upper-division elective 4
Area C elective (Choose one course from C1-C4) 4
Area D/E Society and the
Individual (20 units)
D1 The American Experience (40404) 4
D2 Political Economy 4
D3 Comparative Social Institutions 4
D4 Self Development (CSU Area E) 4
D5 Upper-division elective 4
Area F Technology Elective
(upper division)
* 4 units in Support 0
Electives 4

Degree Requirements

60 Units Upper Division:
Sixty units of 300 and 400 courses taken at Cal Poly, whether a major, support or GE & B class.

2.0 GPA:
To graduate, a 2.0 must be attained in each of the following areas:
The average of all major classes must be a 2.0.
The average of all classes taken at Cal Poly (Cal Poly GPA) must be a 2.0.
The average of all classes taken at Cal Poly or transferred from another institution (Higher Education GPA) must be a 2.0.
If the GPA in any of these areas is below 2.0, a student will not be allowed to graduate.

General Writing Requirement

The Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR) is a CSU-mandated program designed to ensure that students can write proficiently before they enter the professional work force. All Cal Poly students who are seeking a degree, including Masters degrees and teaching credentials, must fulfill the GWR. Undergraduate students must complete 90 units before they can fulfill the requirement. This degree requirement must be fulfilled before your diploma can be awarded. View GWR Requirement

United States Cultural Pluralism (USCP)

Beginning with the 1994-97 Catalog, students are required to complete one USCP course. This requirement is fulfilled by courses in Major, Support, General Education (GE), or Free Elective category. View USCP Policy

Agricultural Pest Control Advisor (PCA) License

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