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College-based Fees: HCS Department Disbursements

The HCS College-Based Fees (CBF) Committee met on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 to debate and decide how available funds would be disbursed. The purpose of the fees is to maintain the excellence of instruction in the department, and where possible, to further improve instruction. HCS student committee members were Anna Thengvall, Sara Do, Joseph Chambers and Joel Leonard. Faculty were represented by Dr. Scott Steinmaus, the HCS Department Head. Requests totaled $36,300 though the total of available funds was only $21,427 (90% of the HCS CBF funds are used to support lectures through the payment of salaries and benefits). The Committee approved the following items:

  • Tissue homogenizer generator, micropipettes, flow meter, assorted lab supplies and funds to maintain the coolers in the HCS Postharvest Lab (Dr. Wyatt Brown, $8,000)
  • 12 loppers, 24 avocado clippers, 24 citrus clippers, 2 weedwackers, 2 safety masks/shields, 2 safety chaps (Dr. Lauren Garner, $2,950)
  • Computer with high-end video card for new microscope (Dr. David Headrick, $1,500)
  • Radial Arm Saw and 10 new climbing lines to support AEPS 425, Arboriculture (Chris Wassenberg, $2,100)
  • Tools for the Cal Poly Organic Far (clippers, hoes, gloves, shovels, etc); soil moisture eqiupreemtn (TDR unit and probes)(Dr. Ashraf Tubeileh, $1,877)
  • 30 lab chairs for 11-118 (Dr. David Headrick, $5,000)

Total Disbursements = $21,427