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The HCS Minors: Landscape Horticulture Minor

HCS Landscape Horticulture Minor Requirements

The minor provides students with an understanding of the landscape horticultural industry and provides basic skills to understand the design, installation, and maintenance of landscapes. Students develop a knowledge of landscape plants and plant care as well as the basics of landscape contracting, including construction processes and materials used in the landscape industry. Students may learn advanced skills and concepts in the areas of turfgrass for golf course/sports field applications, ecological restoration, design/build, plant care (both interior and exterior), and arboriculture.

Fruit Science Minor Coordinator: Dr. Benjamin Hoover, Bldg. 11, Rm. 251
Landscape Horticulture Minor Contract (pdf)

Landscape Horticulture Minor (2015-2017)

Course Units
Required Courses AEPS 120 Principles of Horticulture and Crop Science 4
AEPS 123 Landscape Installation and Maintenance 4
AEPS 126 Landscape Construction 3
AEPS 233/234 Plant Materials I or Plant Materials II 4
AEPS 332 Landscape Contracting 4
Approved Electives Approved by minor coordinator, and selected from:

AEPS 324, AEPS 343, AEPS 381
AEPS 425, AEPS/RPTA 430, AEPS 433, AEPS 434, AEPS 437,