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HCS Academic Advisor

Sara Arnett (Bynum), 756-7574, cafesadvising@calpoly.edu
Building 74M-A (modulars across from Building 22 (English))
Please e-mail to schedule an appointment. In the e-mail, please provide your available days and times.

Advising Goals

The Horticulture and Crop Science Academic Advising goals for every student are:

  • To succeed at coursework and graduate in a timely manner
  • To take responsibility for their education

To facilitate these goals, the departmental Academic Advisor, Rachel Johnson helps students with:

  • Working specifically with current freshmen and perspective students for proper course selection
  • Working specifically with current freshmen and perspective students to understand degree requirements
  • Using and interpreting the Degree Progress Report
  • Understanding and adhering to academic policies
  • Planning academic success with students on academic probation, disqualification and university re-admittance
  • Providing suggestions and referrals for other campus support services (study abroad, counseling, tutoring, etc.)

HCS Faculty Advisors are assigned based on declared concentration and assist with:

  • Course substitutions
  • Internship opportunities
  • Career/Industry issues and questions
  • Senior projects

Advising Resources

AEPS Projected Courses, 2016-2017 (pdf)

Curriculum Sheets:

Procedure to Declare a Concentration

Curriculum Planning Worksheet (pdf)

Change of Major:

  • Changing into the AEPS major: Change of Major Requirements
  • Changing out of AEPS major: Students desiring to change out of the AEPS Major must first meet with an Advisor or Department Head of their desired major. Once they have met with the prospective department, students must meet with the Academic Advisor to discuss a plan for switching majors.

Advising FAQ's

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